The Water Torture

I had a water ultrasound today. It is very similar to an HSG except instead of dye, they put saline solution up my bajingo. Apparently my cervix is teeny-tiny and it hurt like a m***** f*****! I should have been prepared, since my HSG also hurt like this. I tried to stay really still, but my toes were curled in pain, and tears were streaming down my face. The RN (I love her!) and my OB (I love her too!) were awesome though. I asked my OB to check my antral follicle count because — why not? I was naked from the waist down, feet in stirrups, with a dildo cam poking around, and I thought we may as well make the most of it. My follicle count looked good. This made me happy. My cavity looked clear and she gave me some pictures to take to the fertility clinics. One thing of possible concern: I have some fibroids. They are not inside the uterine cavity, they are outside, but we could see them clearly. The uterine lining is laying against them. But when she filled up my cavity with saline, the fibroids didn’t seem to get in the way of anything. Supposedly the majority of women have some fibroids, and she didn’t seem too worried. My RE also mentioned the fibroids during one of my prior dildo cam experiences, and she didn’t seem too concerned either. Hopefully the fertility clinics will have the same attitude.

I asked my OB (Dr. S) if she had heard about the Z Clinic and the N Clinic. She had heard of both and said that they have about the same success rates. She said that the Z clinic was very focused on immunity, which some people like. She said that the Z Clinic has a great reputation, but that they do some “whacky stuff”. Her opinion is that a lot of the testing that is done at the Z clinic is super expensive and unnecessary — most women who go through IVF never get 1/2 of those tests and everything turns out fine. Something to think about. She said that the N clinic has a really good reputation too. The RN told me that her sister went through IVF 17 years ago and it worked the first time – they have twins. I am always surprised, again and again, how many people are affected by IF.

We talked at length about insurance coverage. I told her that I kept my water u/s appointment with her because it is required of the fertility clinics but my insurance will pay for it since I am seeing her for bad cramps and heavy periods. She said that if I go to the fertility clinics and they don’t like the look of the fibroids — meaning, they say they want me to have surgery before trying IVF — that I could come back to her for the surgery, and she would do it because of my bad cramps and heavy periods. She said that we are going to the fertility clinics because of male factor, so the insurance should not have a problem with paying for my surgery – it has nothing to do with fertility! …A little white lie….but I can live with it. My OB rocks!


9 Responses to “The Water Torture”

  1. Pam Says:

    I had several fibroids removed last year because my RE at the time said they could impact implantation of embryos. I was glad I had them out because before I had really really heavy periods, cramps and some vertigo. After they were removed my periods were no longer crampy and went from 4-5 days with super heavy flow on days 2-3, to a 3 day cycle with no cramping. Just my 2 cents. 🙂 Good luck with everything.

  2. Ashley Bass Says:

    Awesome OB! I wish I could talk mine into those little, white lies. :]

  3. babystep Says:

    Hey Pam! I added you to my blogroll. I hope I don’t need surgery, but if so – so be it. Were your fibroids INSIDE your cavity or outside? I guess my RE and OB aren’t too concerned since my fibroids are not inside the uterus…hopefully the Fertility Clinic will feel the same way. I worry that surgery could cause more complications (scar tissue, etc). I have had heard of some good success after surgery, but I have also heard some nightmares (nicking the bladder, scar tissue, nicking the uterus, etc). And as I (the gloomer and doomer) always thinks the worst, I am going to try to avoid it unless absolutely necessary.

  4. kona Says:

    I’m glad everything looks good after the water torture! (Sounds super painful). Your OB sounds like a keeper! 😉 I hope you won’t need fibroid surgery, though.

  5. babystep Says:

    Hey Kona – thanks for checking in. The water torture seems like a distant memory now – I am focusing on my acupuncture and the upcoming IVF(s)!

  6. Amy R Says:

    So I mentioned this in an email to you, but yes, some of the testing at the Z clinic may be considered unnecessary. However, many women who have multiple failed IVFs go there as a last resort and get a wonderful BFP as a result. So while not everyone is afflicted with immune issues, Dr. Z is doing ‘something’ right for the ladies who are. Lots of controversy with him unfortunately. But he has wonderful bedside manner and I feel really good in his hands 🙂

  7. Amy R Says:

    Oh and I’m so sorry that the water sonogram was painful 😦 I’m glad its over for you now.

  8. Chris Says:

    I had the water torture before getting ready for IVF in March. Days later I conceived, though I miscarried at 10 weeks. I just had the test repeated about 2 weeks ago as we are going to be starting our first IVF. Just wanted to share with you the my doctor joked that I may get pregnant again before we actually get to IVF. So, never say never. Good luck to you this cycle.

  9. babystep Says:

    Hi Chris,
    I am really sorry about your loss. Thanks for the good luck wishes. I wish you the best of luck too, with your IVF (or for a natural conception!!). I have actually heard lots of stories just like yours a surprise BFP just before an IVF cycle…I hoping for my very first BFP!

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