The Suggestions

Okay, my dad’s suggestions weren’t crazy. I should have given him more credit. I had mentioned that I would like them to help by paying for one IVF attempt and that we would ask my father-in-law for another one (if we need it). We haven’t told my father-in-law anything yet. My dad was just saying that it made sense to talk to my father-in-law now, so that we could all go in together on a shared risk plan, instead paying for 3 attempts individually. I was thinking about this too. Now I just have to convince TW that we should tell his dad NOW. There is so much ego involved with Male Factor, don’t you think? Infertility is almost always pinned on the woman, and people always assume that if there is a problem, it must be with the girl’s plumbing. I don’t mind taking the blame if TW doesn’t want to tell his dad about his issues. Sacrifices I am willing to make!


2 Responses to “The Suggestions”

  1. kona Says:

    OMG, you are so right about male factor and ego. I have a good friend who is only 30, and TTC 2+ years with no luck. It has been absolutely heartbreaking for her. She has been through so much. EVERYONE assumed it was all her. After lots of testing, multiple M.D. appts,etc. she is NOT the problem. It turns out it was him. No biggie as it’s not as if anyone has these things happen on purpose… but the bad thing was, that he didn’t want to tell anyone (too shy/embarassed). So, SHE was continuing to shoulder the blame from HIS family for a loooong time after they even knew it was really HIM…and his side of the family were giving her all kinds of advice about why she isn’t pregnant (everything from her diet to her weight, etc.). It was pretty upsetting for her to be constantly scrutinized for HIS condition (which, by the way she had to drag him in to get any tests done).

    Good luck with the $$$ help from family! That would be so great. It would be nice if the menfolk could suck it up and take one for the team…we all know the most important thing here is dealing with the problem. Male factor happens to a lot of men! But they are so secretive about it. ;-0 It’s a medical thing- not really their “fault.”

  2. babystep Says:

    Hey Kona – yes, the ego is hard to handle! But I will happily take the brunt of the blame. It will all be moot when we have a little baby! (Please, Please, Please!)

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