Are any of you wish-a-holics? Every chance I get, I make a wish. I don’t know if they ever come true, I have made so many wishes. Lately my wish is always the same. I bet you know what my wish is. Here is a list of things that I wish on — and I feel like it is bad luck if I don’t take the opportunity when it arrises:

The obvious ones:

  • Birthday candles
  • Wishbones (sorry, vegetarians)
  • Blowing on Dandelions
  • Wishing Wells

More obscure (I think):

  • when I find an eyelash on my cheek, I put it on my finger, blow it off, and make a wish
  • when I glance at a digital clock and it is 11:11

These are the things that I think are good luck:

  • When I get rung up at the store and it comes out an exact dollar amount
  • When my right eyelid twitches (East Indian superstition)
  • When I go #2 and it goes down the toilet without me having to flush. This has perhaps happened twice in my life. My old boyfriend from college told me it was good luck. TMI, I know!!

Anything else I should wish on? Anything else that will bring me good luck?


5 Responses to “Superstition”

  1. Heather Says:

    When my necklace clasp turns around to the front, I say a wish before I put it back.

    Shooting stars.

    When I find a penny heads-up…it is supposed to be good luck.

    I’m sure there is more…

  2. babystep Says:

    Thanks, Heather! Those are all good ones. I forgot about the the necklace one (I used to do that, but somehow it slipped my mind!) and shooting stars…duh!

  3. Rosa Says:

    Yes, another person who thinks 11:11 is good luck! Myself and a couple of friends believe in that, I can’t remember where we heard of it. I always feel if I see the clock at that time I’m going to have a good day.

    If you see a penny (or any coin) heads down, turn it over and leave it for the next person to pick up. Use your left hand for picking up coins.

    I forgot where I got this one from: it’s good luck for your toilet paper to hang over the roll, not under. Obscure, I know.

    Don’t forget about if you spill salt throw it over your left shoulder.

    If you see an ambulance rushing by on it’s way to the hospital, make the devil sign with your hand and aim it at the ambulance. You make the sign by bending your 2 middle fingers into your palm, place your thumb over them and that leaves your index and pinky sticking out. This keeps any evil sprirts or sickness away from you. It’s an Italian superstition.

    Gamblers believe $50 dollar bills are bad luck.

    If you put your shirt on inside out it’s good luck.

    Knock on wood.

    Ok, nuff said. ~~~~~~~~~~~~Rosa

  4. babystep Says:

    Hi Rosa!
    Thanks for these, they are good ones!

  5. kona Says:

    I also wish on shooting stars, and the 1st star of the evening in the night sky. Also- if a song I was thinking of comes on the radio right when I was thinking of it. 😉

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