Girls Outing

I just came back from a girlie outing. I took PT, her friend M, and met my friends A and J1 for manicures, pedicures and lunch. I also got my eyebrows done…the woman at the salon told me NOT TO PLUCK. I am addicted to plucking. I cannot stop. I look twice a day and just pluck away. She has convinced me that if I stop plucking, I will only have to wax (without plucking in between) every three weeks! I am trying my damnedest but it is really hard. Do they have Pluckers Anonymous? I need a sponsor! Anyway, driving to the salon, with the two girls in the back, my heart broke for PT. Her friend M started talking about a party she went to last night. When PT asked who had the party, M wouldn’t tell her. She said, ‘just some girls’. PT pressed a little harder and asked whether they were girls from their school, and M said that they were. So PT said, ‘It was ____, right?” and M didn’t answer. Poor PT, I could tell she was very upset. She has two BFF (well, as “forever” as an 11 year old can do), but somehow the other two end up hanging out together, excluding PT a lot. And then PT hears about it and her feelings get hurt. PT has pretty thick skin but I just remember back to when I was in elementary school, it was hard sometimes! Anyway, the topic was dropped when we went to the salon and then we went and sat outside at a cafe for lunch. It was a nice outing. I will ask PT tonight if she wants to talk about what happened. It is so hard to be an outside observer. I so much wanted to say, “M!! You shouldn’t have brought it up, what was the point?” But I kept my mouth shut. I think part of growing up is going through some of this heart ache.


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