Taking Action

I have been at work all day, but haven’t done ANY work. What I have been doing, is researching places that we can do IVF. The baby making business is quite a scene. A lot of the clinics have “shared risk” programs where you pay up front for 2 or more cycles, and get some money back if you don’t bring home a baby. Depending upon the mother’s age, you get more money back (the older you are, the less money is refunded). One clinic even had a drawing for a free cycle! I think I found a wonderful clinic that is only 5 miles from my house, 2 miles from my work. They say that patients have 24 hour access to the doctors; home phone numbers and cell phone numbers are provided. They are open 7 days per week (some of them are closed on weekends and holidays — what if that is when you should be having your transfer??). I have signed up for 3 phone consults and did some applications for financing. I love taking action. I am actually doing something instead of waiting, waiting, waiting. So much waiting. Waiting for TW to get home from a trip, waiting for positive OPKs, waiting for a temp shift, waiting for my period to show up (or NOT), waiting for my period to end, blah, blah, blah, round and round. I hope, hope, hope that IVF will be my miracle. If I have a girl, maybe I will name her Hope.


2 Responses to “Taking Action”

  1. missedconceptions Says:

    Hooray for proactivity!!

    I can’t imagine giving patients 24-hour access is easy, so kudos to them for doing it.

    I can’t wait for you to have your consultation and get some dates!!

  2. Amy R Says:

    Hi! Thank you for the lovely comment; we ARE kindred spirits!! 🙂 I really did like both of my orientations at Z and N…but as you know I ended up choosing the Z clinic. One thing I found VERY HELPFUL is a message board called ivfconnections.com, pointed out to me from Erin (http://viciouscycleofcycles.blogspot.com/), another Bay Area blogger. They have ‘IVF By Location’ and on the board, there is a ‘Z ladies’ board which I religiously read (and post) there. I think reading all the accounts there made me end up choosing Dr. Z. I also started a separate post about the N clinic asking for feedback. I did not get too many hits but for the ladies who did respond, they had positive things to say. So you can’t really go wrong! 🙂

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