Annual Conception Day – September 12th

Have you guys heard this? I was listening to NPR yesterday on my way back from work, and this story came on. Apparently Russia has declining birth rates, so the government has declared September 12th as “National Conception Day”. It is a national holiday for people to stay home and make a baby — or, in other words, so that they can give birth to a future patriot. WHAT?? There is also a national contest where couples compete for the title of who will make the best parents. This year the winners get an SUV to haul their future baby around. This is so rediculous! I guess the women who happen to ovulate on or around September 12th will be in luck (that is, if their husbands have good sperm counts). I just thought this was hilarious. I wish there was a national holiday for embryo transfer. I would schedule my IVF around it.

Here is another link to an article about it (the NPR one is an audio clip only).


One Response to “Annual Conception Day – September 12th”

  1. Ashley Bass Says:

    That is ridiculous…

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