So many things can go wrong. I have never been pregnant, so I don’t know first hand the pain of miscarriage. However, I know handfuls and handfuls of women who have suffered early losses. It is devastating. And those ladies who have subsequently gotten pregnant again (for the most part) have a hard time enjoying the pregnancy, because of all the fear. I just read a blog entry about a woman who was 40 weeks pregnant. Everything was perfect at her last appointment and the prediction was that she would go into labor in a couple of days. She felt her baby moving happily in the morning but then at night when the baby usually moved around she didn’t feel anything. She had a home doppler and couldn’t find the heartbeat, but because of the baby’s position, even the doctor had a little trouble at her last appointment. She and her husband decided to go the hospital because she had a bad feeling. They couldn’t find the heart beat. The baby had passed away. They had to induce and she gave birth to her still born child. The cord had wrapped around her tiny foot seven or eight times, cutting off blood and oxygen. This was the most heart wrenching story I have read in a LONG time. My heart broke for this poor mom. The baby died exactly on her estimated due date, Mother’s Day 2007.


One Response to “Fears”

  1. Ashley Bass Says:

    Oh My God…that is horrible. I can not even imagine her pain…and on Mother’s Day!

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