To call, or not to call…

So today is the big day…FINALLY TW has agreed to do his sperm analysis, and I think he is actually going to follow-through. It hasn’t been his fault, he has been traveling a lot, and the lab hours are difficult…you have to drop the specimen off before 1pm or they will send you home. TW was getting frisky last night and I pushed him off saying he had to save it up for the test. I hope he does it. It is a little passed noon and the delivery has to be no more than 30 minutes post ejaculation. Up until 20 minutes ago I could see that TW was logged onto the computer….meaning he probably wasn’t “doing his thing”…unless he *GASP* was using internet porn? I cannot see that though…I wonder if he WAS using internet porn, if his boss e-mailed him, would he answer? Yikes, horrible, horrible thoughts. All morning I wanted to call home to see if he was going to do it, but I worried that I would call and would interrupt him, and that would be bad. So I somehow had the will power not to call. But at 12noon I IM’d him reminding him that the lab is a 25 minute drive and he had to be there by 1pm. I know I am a horrible nag, but doesn’t TTC do that to you? I am DYING to call to see if he got it done, but I am going to try to be strong. Must….stay….away…..from….phone….


3 Responses to “To call, or not to call…”

  1. Heather Says:

    Whatever it takes to get the job done, right?

    Hope he gets there in time!!

  2. babystep Says:

    Hi! He called me at 12:57pm and said he made it. Phew. Now I just have to wait for the results…worse than the 2ww.

  3. babystep Says:

    oh, and believe me I don’t really have anything against porn, especially if it will help get the deed done, but it was the image of him on the computer in the den, in our office chair….ewwwww! LOL.

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