The Reunion

I know that crazy stories should be forthcoming about my 20th highschool reunion. No crazy stories except I had a bad hangover the next morning. I went with J1 and J2 and people were definitely looking at us like, “You three are STILL hanging out together?”. We had a really great time. All the girls looked exactly the same (for the most part), some looked even better. All the guys, however, were fat and bald. I could barely recognize any of them! Everyone was in the same boat. You would catch people trying to slyly and subtly check the name tag. I, on the other hand would boldly say, “Okay, now I have to look at your name-tag”. At least I was honest! I felt bad a couple of times because I really should have recognized some of them. I felt VERY senile. The hardest part for me was the number of girls that have small babies. The Keepsake Book listed everyone’s marital status and kids with names & ages. Several have twins, many have kids under a year old. I guess it should give me hope — I know that everyone there was between 37 and 39, right? I couldn’t help but wonder how many had issues TTC. How many saw the RE for help. I wanted to ask but thought it would be rude. I wanted to be happy for them, but I did end up feeling sad for myself. It was the first and foremost question after “What do you do?”…..inevitably the next question was, “Do you have any kids”?  I was guilty of this too, I asked everyone I talked to. There was one guy that I asked and he said, “not yet”. He then hesitated and said that they have talked about it but it hasn’t happened yet. Just the way he said it, I was certain they are having issues TTC. I wanted to say something but I just kept my mouth shut. I don’t think it is appropriate to talk about these things with a guy I haven’t seen in 20 years!! I was one of the very few that had no kids of my own. I did mention that I have a step-daughter, which is fine, but it just isn’t the same. I have this weird hang-up too that when I say I have a step-daughter, that people will assume I married someone that was married before. I didn’t. TW never married X. PT was an “ooops” and TW stepped up. He is a great dad.


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