So close yet….NOT


So up until yesterday I thought that I had maybe, possibly, hopefully, a slight chance of actually being pregnant. TW has been on his meds for 3 and a half months and supposedly after 3 months things can start working. TW has high prolactin levels which in turn can cause high FSH and low sperm counts. The pills he takes every night (if I remind him!) should be helping his prolactin levels come down, and like a domino effect, other hormone issues should normalize as well. Please, Please, Please! Anyway, my chart has looked GREAT this month. No spotting, high temps. I had to calculate my ovulation date myself because the ovusoft software put it in way too late. If I calculated correctly, I am currently at 15DPO. Usually I start spotting for days on end and then my period shows up at around 13DPO. It is so hard not to get my hopes up! See my pretty chart? Well, unfortunately this morning my temps came crashing down and I started to spot. 😦

Why can’t this happen for me?


3 Responses to “So close yet….NOT”

  1. Ashley Bass Says:

    I have thought about purchasing the Ovusoft – TCOYF software. How long have you had it and do you like it? I am currently using Fertility Friend. I haven’t really seen and reviews from anyone comparing the two. Just curious what you think of the software… It may be worth me paying a one-time fee for the software instead of like $17 every three!

  2. babystep Says:

    Hi! I LOVE the ovusoft software. I have been using it for (yikes) 14 months now. I think visually it is much easier to handle than Fertility Friend and I think it has some more advanced features. You can do a free trial to see if you like it. Check it out!

  3. Ashley Bass Says:

    Thanks for the advice! I think it may be just WAY less expensive in the long road for me to just purchase this software. I have used the free trial before, but not for the whole 14 days…I think I may just go ahead with my next cycle and use it for the whole free trial. Thanks again!

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