Puppy Love

Doggie “C”:  1998 - 2007

Doggie”C” –on watch. She was always on the look out. May she rest in peace.

Have you noticed that those TTC #1 are in love with their furry babies, maybe more than the rest of the general population? Some people don’t get it, but I literally feel like I gave birth to my puppy. Maybe that will change when I actually have a human baby, but for now, the connection I feel to my puppy is so strong. I think about him all the time, I feel a pull to come home to him, I worry about him constantly. Is that normal or totally neurotic? I lost my blue eyed doggie “C” to cancer in January. It was the most horrible thing i have ever experienced to date. She went through two surgeries, chemo, radiation, and acupuncture. I did everything I could and it was definitely time for her to say goodbye to this world. I still cry about her almost every day, even with puppy “S” in my life now. I did not get puppy “S” to replace doggie “C” — no way. But the house was so empty and quiet without some furry love, especially with TW gone so much. I volunteer at a rescue org and I met puppy “S” and just had to take him home. So he is my love bug, but doggie “C” is still deep in my heart and always will be. You gotta love the doggies.

Here is Puppy “S” when we first got him.

Puppy “S” when we first got him.


3 Responses to “Puppy Love”

  1. kona Says:

    Wow- Doggy “C” had the most beautiful eyes ever! Breathtaking.Rest in peace, sweet girl. Doggy “S” is very handsome also with striking coloring. I know the love for your dogs is very deep. They are a such a part of your family. The best thing about pets is the unconditional love!

  2. babystep Says:

    Hi Kona! Yes, I still miss my Doggy “C” very much. But “S” is a super good boy. I love the furry ones. 🙂

  3. Ashley Bass Says:

    Yes, I agree that those TTC really do seem to love and appreciate their furry babies more. It isn’t a bad thing. I have 4! My youngest is 6 1/2 months now. I worked for a Vet for 5 years and we had a shelter. It was so hard not to have more! Sorry to hear about the loss of C. I lost my dog almost 2 years ago and it still hurts so much. I think I could have 100 dogs and none of them would fill my heart the way he did. Not to say I don’t love my current dogs whole-heartedly. The new pup is a cutie! :]

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