That’s Bureaucracy For Ya!

So…we are starting a remodel. Well, we have been planning to start a remodel for about a year and a half, and so far we have just managed to spend thousands of dollars and have nothing to show for it. Finally some progress. We have submitted for permits! TW had to take a 10 pound roll of large documents to City Hall and submit them to the planning department. The girl at the desk said that they would review the documents and call us when we could come and pick them up to submit them to the building office. Amazingly the very next day, we got the call. I went down to city hall to pick them up and deliver them to the building office. And guess what — the “Building Office” is in the same building as the “Planning Department”. Not only is it in the same building, it is behind the same counter. There is a large sign above the right hand side of the counter that says, “PLANNING”. On the left hand side of the counter, there is a large sign hanging up that says, “BUILDING”. I literally took the documents from one end of the counter, and gave them to the guy behind the other end of the counter. I guess that is what $2200 worth of permit fees paid for.


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