3:30pm. I went for my first acupuncture treatment today, let’s call the acupuncturist “K”. It started with a 30 minute consult where we got to talk about all my issues, and let me tell you, once I get started, I cannot stop talking. Of course it evolved into talking about TW’s situation as well. It is very frustrating only working on half of the project, if you know what I mean. The fact is, I look pretty good on paper. She said that I could come as often as once a week, but once every two weeks is fine. At $65 a pop, I think I am going to start with every two weeks. Then she had me lie on my stomach, and had a heater blow warm air on my feet. Then she poked me with about 10 tiny needles. She said that she wanted them to “clear” before she removed them and left me alone with some nice classical music. I think I fell asleep. Well, I realized at one point that I was drooling heavily. Ha, Ha. I was so relaxed when I was done, I felt like I could barely walk! I wish, wish, wish that TW would agree to go to acupuncture. He would rather stick a needle in his eye than go to acupuncture! Pun totally intended.

K gave me a bunch of articles that talk about improved hormone levels, better sperm counts, better morphology, better motility. Amazingly when I got home, I asked him if he would ever consider it and he didn’t say NO WAY … Baby Steps!


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